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Fun Cable Sweater

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Watch out, clouds – nothing brightens up grey afternoons like a colourful jumper. This one is extra fun, with plenty of playful pompoms woven into the diamonds of the cable knit. The cotton and wool blend means it's ideal for busting the chill on all-day adventures outdoors.

  • 60% cotton 30% polyamide 10% wool
  • Machine washable

Fun Cable Sweater

$60.00 $48.00

    Crafted from soft and fluffy wool, this jumper features a mix of knit patterns to make it stand out from the crowd. We've added details like contrasting stripy cuffs for a bit of extra fun. It's just the thing to keep you warm on long bike rides.

    • 48% cotton 21% acrylic 17% polyamide 14% mohair
    • Machine washable

    Cable Sweater

    $60.00 $42.00